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New Signal Process Announce 2 new interfaces!

Not one but two new interfaces from New Signal Process!

The BreakOut Stomp is designed specifically for guitarists and bassists. It is based on numerous requests by guitarists since day one. It integrates seamlessly into your pedal board and comes with a custom hand made,12 foot, pro audio Mogami detachable cable so that you can place your iPad safely on your road case, a table, or a keyboard stand near you to interact with while you perform. It is built with audiophile grade components for the warmest possible sound and, housed in a rugged die cast aluminum case, it is designed to last on stage and on tour through many generations of iPads and iPhones.

The BreakOut Stereo design is based on various requests by DJs, producers, and elecro-acoustic artists using synth apps and drum programming to have a pedal that has stereo output from two separate outputs. Electronic and electro-acoustic artists these days are performing in so many different situations and with so many different instrument combinations, the BreakOut Stereo is designed with them in mind so that the interface can easily adapt into the most varied table top setups both live and when recording.

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Sweetwater Makes IO Dock available and sells out almost immediately

All the toys have gone! IO Dock sells out from Sweetwater! That was quick!

Thanks to feastoftones for the news.

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So what is going on with Yamaha?

Since the TNR-i launched the other day lots of you have been asking why Yamaha’s new apps are not showing up in the US and Canadian stores. I don’t know why I’m afraid, but I’m going to try and find out.

I’m going to tweet all the Yamaha twitter accounts that I think are relevant and see what I get back. It would really help if you could retweet them if possible. Let’s see where it gets us.

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MusicDraw is free (currently)

MusicDraw is currently free at the app store, so take a look (if you want to of course).


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Beam Festival Workshops this weekend

Just a little reminder about the Beam festival in Uxbridge (UK) this weekend 24th – 26th. Looks like some great workshops available.

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NLog Roadmap for 2011

Not a huge amount of detail as it is just a tweet from Tempo Rubato, but all good news nevertheless. Especially the new app! I’m hoping for the modular myself.

Roadmap for 2011: Some NLog updates, at least one new great app and a new platform / OS to support!

tempo rubato

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BBC Micro Synth on the way to Android

Pixelh8 tweets about making his BBC Micro Synth app for Android:

ok made it on app inventor and now the proper SDK 🙂

Be good to see that one on Android.

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Voice Editor Essential – US for iPad arrives

Not useful unless you have Yamaha hardware, but some interesting first steps from Yamaha.

Voice Editor Essential is a simple CoreMIDI iPad editor application for editing the effects in Yamaha Synthesizers.

The editor focuses on detailed editing of Insert Effects, System Effects and EQ that are frequently modified and can take advantage of the iPad’s large graphic display.
Some essential global parameters including tap tempo and volume control are also included.

*Yamaha MOTIF XF offers you WiFi connectivity which enables wireless control.

Compatible model : MOTIF XF

Effect Mode

  • In effect mode you can select and edit Insert effects, the System effects and the routing and sends and returns for all the effects in a Voice.

EQ Mode

  • You can edit the MOTIF XF’s Voice EQ and store different EQ setting for each of 50 Templates.
  • you can adjust the Mid Bang EQ setting by pinching the band

*(1) In order to establish a WiFi connection, use the OS updater for MOTIF XF via http://4wrd.it/YAMAHASYNTH and purchase a compatible WiFi USB adapter.

The app is priced at $3.99

Voice Editor Essential - US - Yamaha Corporation of America

iPads at the Apple Store

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Wobble for iPhone / Touch arrived

The description says it all!

Wobble is a dubstep wobbler for the iPhone. Play filthy dubstep bass right on your phone! This release comes with 3 wobble packs. Each wobble pack has 16 wobbles, 4 noises and 4 beats to play along with.

Future Wobble packs will be released as updates so please continue to update for new sounds and wobbles from some of your favorite artists in the dubstep realm.

WOBBLE - Massive Stylus

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Rumour: Amazon Android tablet?

I’ve seen a few rumours about an Amazon Android tablet being the ‘only credible threat to the iPad’, and whilst I think that Amazon’s Kindle is a great piece of hardware I think they’d have to do something impressive to stand out in a crowded Android tablet market. Still, I like to be wrong about things.

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