If you’ve been thinking about getting Mixtikl then now you can try out the free version! Here’s what you’ll get (for nothing):

Create magical music with Mixtikl. Explore. Listen. Mix. Experiment. The results can be stunning!

A powerful, deep and unique music lab / instrument.

Check out mixes others have tweeted or start with your own random mix (Menu > New > Random). Keep the “parts” that work for to you & even add more. Apply a range of FX presets & save your mix. Make short recordings & try using mic recordings or audio loops pasted in from other apps!

Key features of Mixtikl FREE:

  • A unique 12 track cell-sequencer, mixer & “generative music” lab with integral synth
  • Includes Tiklpaks with over 380 generative “parts” & 30 audio loop beats + 50 FX presets
  • Includes integral Partikl MIDI DLS wavetable / modular synth for Mixtikl sounds / FX:
  • Tone Generators (Oscillator, Particle, Dsynth, Wavetable)
  • FX units (Chorus, Reverb, Filter, Distortion, ODrive, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Amp)
  • FX control units (LFO, Envelope, Amp);
  • Includes integral Noatikl generative music engine
  • Use your mix recordings royalty free in films, videos, presentations, cds etc.*
  • Copy / Paste audio files via Sonoma AudioCopy & AudioPaste + Apple General Pasteboard
  • Transfer in / out your own loops, recordings & mix file via iTunes App File Sharing
  • Make microphone audio recordings for use in mixes (external mic required if no internal mic)
  • Auto time stretch & pitch shift Tiklpak content, plus change mix tempo & root settings
  • Set individual track volume & pans, global volume & solo / mute tracks
  • Play at up to 44Khz stereo output (user configurable, device dependent), record at 22KHz
  • 2 mins play time and up to 4 bars live recording / 1 bar mixdown recording
  • From the devs of the SSEYO Koan (1990-2007) & Noatikl (2007-) Generative Music systems
  • Mixtikl (Full) version also available with more advanced features / capabilities

Mixtikl FREE - Best 12 Track Mixer of Audio Loops, Generative Music & FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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