This sounds like a very simple and straightforward sequencer app for the iPad. Here are the details:

No musical experience necessary!
Create beautiful music by tapping out beats melodies and harmonies on your iPad.
Step Seq allows you to immediately compose a piece of music you’ll be proud to call your own.

It’s simple and accessible yet the results of your creations will be sure to surprise you.

Features 8 unique tones to choose from (and many more coming in future updates)

Change the key, scale, and tempo of your track in real time automatically.

Control the FX: Create awesome delays and reverbs with the outboard effects.

8 Pages of step sequencer fun to create a full tune

Save your creations for later with space for 18 compositions on your device.

The focus of Step seq is ease of use. If you’ve never touched a piece of music software before or have never considered yourself a musician, well it’s time to prove yourself wrong and create something great!

The app is priced at $0.99

Step Seq - Quick Fingers

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