The latest update for Mixtikl arrives and it is awesome! Here’s what to expect:

Mixtikl 3.0 is a huge advance over Mixtikl 2.x in terms of power, features, mix customisation and included content. It is a free update.

  • Inline “live” synth editing allowing total customisation of Partikl synth sounds and FX
  • Inline “live” Noatikl scale and harmony rule customisation at content cell and global mix level
  • Includes 4 new unlocked Tiklpaks and 4 earlier purchasable Tiklpaks (meaning over 380 parts are now included)
  • Content cell root and pitch offset controls as well as content cell FX
  • Control-rate LFO now includes tempo-sync option and random level bouncing option (cool with filters!)
  • Copying of zip paks into Mixtikl via App File Sharing now included
  • Improved: Better looking, easier to use, much more responsive UI and simply better sounding
  • Improved: Knob/slider control behaviour
  • Improved: All mixes now saved to User_Content folder for easier synching with desktop (older mixes also moved there)
  • Improved: Increased mix/mic recordings limit to 1000 bars
  • Improved: File format update means tweeted mixtikls can now include full synth & fx customisations
  • Improved: Synth / fx network editor now has colour-coded units, connecting cables & context-sensitive gadgets
  • Improved: Partikl file loaded into Mixtikl from e.g. clipboard, plays back automatically in Mixtikl mixer
  • Fixed: Many, many general usability & performance improvements and bug fixes

Mixtikl - Generative Music Lab, Modular Synth, 12 Track Mixer & Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd.

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