Aurora Sound Studio HD just got the update. Here’s what’s new:

Core MIDI Out Support
Aurora now allows you to use an external keyboard as a sound source replacing the internal synthesiser engines. This new feature can be used by the sequencer and for live play.

Octave Control
An Octave control has been added to the Layer Properties dialog allowing you to transpose both MIDI output and internal instruments.

PasteBoard Support
PasteBoard support has been added to allow copying all or part of a songs audio to other applications. Aurora also allows you to copy multi-track audio directly into our multi-track recorder Meteor.

Export to Wav
A new ‘Export To WAV’ option allows a fully automated export of the current song to a WAV file and an alternative to ‘Record To File’ which allows you to record live performances.

Hold Notes
We have added a ‘Hold Notes’ feature which allows consecutive notes to be to be treated as a single held note, rather than repeat triggering of the note. This can be turned on or off on a layer by layer basis.

Paste Sample
Added the ability to paste sample data from the global PasteBoard into the Sampler so long as the sample length is less than 10 seconds,

MIDI Clock
An experimental MIDI clock feature has been added to synchronise with external MIDI devices.

Aurora Sound Studio HD - Clip to Evernote

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