Thanks to J Haler for tipping me off about this app. It certainly looks like it requires a closer look. Here’s the details:

Music creation and recording app with samples provided by Loopmasters.

Create your own music with 4 track types:

  • Drum track. Sample based track for making beats
  • Sound track. Sampler/synthesizer track for making bass lines and melodies
  • Chord track. Play and record your favorite chords with the sampler/synthesizer
  • Audio track: Record your voice or guitar, with multi-take recording.

Arrange your beats in to Intro, Verse, Chorus etc for easy remix and arrangement of new songs.

energyXT for iOS is the perfect companion for your music creation software on your desktop computer or laptop. Sketch down and work with your ideas and finally export your tracks to Dropbox, either as a mixdown (audio/MIDI) or as one (audio/MIDI) file per track.

The app is priced at $9.99.

energyXT - XT Software AS Clip to Evernote

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