FIRe 2 is coming!

FIRe has been the audio recorder I’ve used most for field recording, and I still think it is excellent, so when I spoke to Audiofile Engineering about FIRe 2 I was really interested.

FIRe 2 is going to be a separate application from the original FIRe. Why? The answer is simple. FIRe 2 has a lot in it that simply won’t be supportable on older devices, so they have to release it as a new app, but, they are going to continue to update and support the original app for older devices and not abandon it at all, which is is great in my opinion.

The lack of upgrade pricing from Apple makes this kind of thing very difficult for developers of all kinds of applications, not just audio apps, but from talking to Audiofile they have a good solution for FIRe 2 which will make sense for users. More of that another time.

Anyway, if you’re keen to know what’s coming in FIRe 2 take a look at this list of features, and there’s more on the way too:

  • completely rewritten from the ground up
  • improved Transport screen with improved drawing and larger waveform view
  • record in background
  • editing suite (rotate phone to landscape view) including cut/copy/paste, SmartEdits, Bezier fades, change gain, normalize, looping playback, play selection, snapping, etc.
  • unlimited undo with history
  • expanded and improved iZotope input processing
  • improved slow/fast playback (Powered by iZotope)
  • EQ and Dynamics effects by Audiofile Engineering (coming soon to Mac OS X as AU and RTAS plug-ins)
  • regions
  • location & photo per marker/region
  • improved SoundCloud integration
  • DropBox integration
  • iTunes file transfer
  • integrated support including Roadmap
  • integrated manual
  • improved location editor
  • sorting preferences for Recordings List

Here are some more screen shots from FIRe 2: Clip to Evernote

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