Using GB on the iPad? What about these?

Ok, I can understand the pick, but the drum sticks? What do you think? You can take a look at these at:

Via iPad Creative.

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  1. The drumsticks make more sense to me – at least there are precedents for using sticks on electric pads.
    The pick? Isn't a pick designed to pluck a string? You are still hitting or rubbing a pad to trigger the sound. I guess they are targeting guitarists who are used to a pick.

  2. I can totally see using the drumsticks in GB. Especially for the natural feel and being able to do paradiddles and more intricate drumming techniques. With GB's velocity sensitivity it could be very expressive.

    Might not be the best thing for a heavy metal drummer, though. Ouch!

    As for the picks. I don't see much use for them myself, since I tap out notes on the strings with multiple fingers. But then again, I'm a keyboard player/drummer not a guitarist.

  3. I am a guitarist but I still don't see a pick as an obvious choice to use with a touchpad. Picks are useful when you want to change the force used on different strings but they have limitations – hence the reason why many guitarists don't use them and instead use a fingerpicking style that allows more than one string to be plucked at one time.

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