Amazing, the 2nd great app to get submitted to the app store in the last 24 hours. I almost missed this one though.

Some of the new features in Mixtikl 3 are going to be amazing, and Intermorphic have even more goodies coming, but I can’t say any more than that for now!

Mixtikl 12 Track Mixer of Generative Music, Audio MIDI Loops & Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd. Clip to Evernote


  1. I'm really loving this app, bought excellent in app sounds/drones. Can't wait for what this version brings.
    Thanks to the folks at Intermorphic! Hurry up Apple!

  2. mixtikl is so bipolar, i like it, its interesting, but i never come up with something i would play to someone

  3. I don't think it's really designed to play to 'anyone'. It's more of a random jukebox of another's music taste. I have the same feeling for it, and it's not an application that you can carve your own personality into either, not even if you feed it your own loops. However for just general muzak 'ambience' it's fine. Maybe that's why Brian Eno liked Koan so much?

  4. “bipolar”…??
    Its great/unique/+deep+ for at least a few things – chill out background music, making background washes, creating ideas. Won't suit everybody, but that's ok by me!

  5. I'm with Anonymous2 here, it's not a standalone app to me. I really find it wonderful in conjunction to other apps I own. Plus, while it's not what I'm doing musically speaking, the tweaking (and real time) possibilities offer the possibility to end with a very interesting and listenable result in itself. To anonymous1: if you like it, maybe you should try to use it as a building block in the music you're making, I'm sure you'll get very pleasing results.

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