Microsoft appealling to devs to move from iOS to Windows Phone 7

Another site picks up the ongoing story about Microsoft trying to encourage developers to try porting their iOS apps to WP7.

What I don’t know is whether or not this porting tool will work for audio and music apps? Anyone know? Clip to Evernote


  1. Everyone I know who works there just goes on about how disfunctional it is from a management perspective. Microsoft seems to be screwed they depend on their busness users and the vast majority are still using Windows 95'. Due to the number of server level services they plugged in.

    Disaster they can reliece a new OS and their userbase will not be pulled along.


  2. I unfortunately can't find the link, but one of the articles I read about this mentioned the porting was limited to UI, file/database and… something else. Location maybe?

    Audio and OpenGL graphics weren't part of it though, so anything but the simplest music apps and games wouldn't be covered by this.

    I also found it kind of funny that if you go to that Microsoft information site using Safari on an iPad it doesn't load right.


  3. Me too! I found it kind of funny that so many websites just doesn't load right in Safari after paying 600$ for an internet device.


  4. c'mon, not the flash discussion again, i you find a site that doesnt work right with safari write to webmaster@url he should use modern technology


  5. No I wasn't talking about flash.

    I was just talking about websites that are really slow to render, which is a lot of them. Even Palm Sounds, I love it, but I can't watch it on my ipad, as soon as I scroll my screen becomes grey for a few seconds until it renders. If I scroll to the beginning of a page I have to wait again until it finishes rendering the page. Really, other than for some websites, the ipad is not that great for the internet. I don't know if the ipad2 is better.

    Also I don't think I will write every webmasters in the world to make their website compatible with the ipad. The ipad should be compatible with the internet, not the other way around.


  6. That said, I can still read Palm Sound on my ipad. I didn't wanted to imply that it doesn't work at all.

    But every websites that requires a lot of scrolling, like blogs, are painfully slow.


  7. @garloo

    Microsoft may have it's problems, but on what planet are people still using windows 95? xp perhaps…


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