“Sound Cells” app controlling a Dave Smith Tetr4 Analog Synthesizer

Sound Cells - Big Robot Studios

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  1. I still prefer Otomata, myself. I'm curious if the author of this Sound Cells as well as the author of SoundZen got the idea of their apps from Batuhan Bozkurt, the creator of Otomata. If so, it would be nice if they gave the guy credit.

  2. Does it really matter?If you're going to make such a fuss, would we need to credit Raymond Scott every time we brought out a new sequencer? Of course not!The fact that Sound Cells is working on my iPad is all that matters. Go forth and make beautiful music! 🙂

  3. “Update: Stay tuned for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) version, hopefully an Android one and also standalone versions with MIDI + OSC support!”http://www.earslap.com/projectslab/otomataNice! 8)Sorry, yes you could very well be right there. Otomata does look very intriguing indeed!

  4. Hey, I'm not trying to make a fuss. Just saying that this guy comes up with something really cool and others (perhaps) copy it and don't give the guy credit, that's all. I mean, I could be wrong, otomata may have been inspired by soundcells or soundzen… either way, I just think it would be nice for the originator of an idea to get a little bit of credit for coming up with it in the first place.and by the way, thanks for giving me the name of Raymond Scott. I had no idea of his involvement in creating the polyphonic sequencer. I like reading about pioneers and their work.

  5. Hey Guys,Yes, this app is definitely inspired by Otomata (It is mentioned on the original youtube video demo). When I first saw Otomata when it was posted in reddit I thought to myself that a touch interface was the logical progression for that application, and I got to coding immediately, thinking about the possibilities.After I was done with it, I went back to the Otomata page and saw that the author started also working on an iOS version too, but I was done with mine….I have now edited the app description on iTunes giving credit to Otomata… The original mechanics idea is Otomata's author, I just wanted to make something cool that ran on my iDevice.

  6. hey bigrobotstudios, Thanks for the update. Hey, I wasn't trying to dis you or your app. I actually bought it as soon as I saw it here on palm sounds the other day. As i did SoundZen. Otomata just sounds better to me and I'm looking forward it on ios. But yours has the midi thing going to that's good for getting other sounds in there. I do wish that SoundCells had a pause/play button though. hell, if I could program for ios, I would have done the same thing. i really like the concept.Anyway, thanks for your comment, I was just saying that I like it when creators of ideas get credit for the cool stuff they come with. That was not intended to diminish the talent and creativity it takes to code a mobile music app.I'm just a musician and dig what all you talented folks come up with for me to play great music on my ipad/iphone. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey simula,No need to apologize or anything. Otomata's author sounds like a genius to me… The Otomata concept is so good that I'm sure there will be plenty of incarnations of the concept in many shapes and forms. I know of a reaper plugin and one more iOS app so far, and this is just the beggining… mark my words 🙂 (I'm sure someone is hard at work somewhere in the world creating a VST version right now)I think he came up with a class generative apps, the possible variations are endless. Like Celular Automata and the Conway's Game of life. It will all depend of how the different variations differ from each other and what they offer in a special way….Anyways, play/pause, tempo and scale selection are coming up soon on Sound CellsCheers!Hector

  8. Raymond Scott needs to be mentioned as much as possible :)and the Philips nat. lab…..

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