Hector from Big Robot Studios (I love that name), comments in about what’s coming up next for Sound Cells:

Hey guys… this is the developer. Glad you like Sound Cells. I’m working on tempo control and scale selection, so that’s coming up.
About the off key notes on the video, this is somehow an artifact of the simulator, but it does not happen when running on the iphone or ipad.

Sound Cells - Big Robot Studios

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  1. Scale selection and octave selection will be great. Being able to customize the notes and then save a configuration (as well as a song) would also be really useful. A few more instruments wouldn’t hurt, either.

  2. It would be great to have further sounds, but this may just make the app too big, as Cell Sounds would be a great addition to something like Jasuto being driven by CoreMIDI. Then it could run on older hardware as well as the latest.

  3. My daughter came up with another cool riff today, but then wiped it 🙁

    So yes, memories please!

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