4Pockets are bringing some great new features to Aurora Sound Studio:

Aurora Sound Studio update to include: MIDI Out Support, Octave Control, PasteBoard, Hold Note Feature and Export to WAV.

Aurora Sound Studio HD - 4Pockets.com

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  1. $39??


    Perhaps this is worth $39, but would you shell out that much for something that you couldn't return if you didn't like it? I know I wouldn't.

  2. Please Ashley, put the iPad only sign back, I was so disapointed when I realized it wasn't meant for my tiny device…

  3. @Mat & Tom, there's a much cheaper iPhone version as well which has most of the same functionality and also works well on the iPad; I assume the new features are coming to both. It's a terrific app, far and away the best of the Tenori-On-alikes that at one stage were all over the store. I've never myself regretted ponying up for both versions, but you can actually manage quite happily with just the iPhone one.

  4. Nice to see the pasteboard finally get dealt with. Given the price I would have like to have seen faster development.

    Personally I could have lived with the iPhone version and regret paying for the iPad upgrade….but who knows maybe things are going to heat up in the future?

  5. Thanks Nick for the comments, but I really need to STOP buying stuff and actually START making some music with all this new software I now posses!!!

    This blog is a real wallet warrior!! lol!

  6. @Nick,

    Thanks for the information, have checked it now. Same comment again, I would have missed the iPhone/Pod version because the app store button (using those a lot) is leading to the iPad version only. No mention of pasteboard on the iPhone version…

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