If you missed this app yesterday here’s a video to show what it does.

Sound Cells - Big Robot Studios

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  1. Looks cool? It IS cool!! Sound Cells is instant 'math rock'!

    My 5-year old loves it too. She wanted rock drums played over the top!

  2. Hey guys… this is the developer. Glad you like Sound Cells. I'm working on tempo control and scale selection, so that's coming up.
    About the off key notes on the video, this is somehow an artifact of the simulator, but it does not happen when running on the iphone or ipad.


  3. Hi Hector. Nifty program! Tempo and scale will make it more useful too. I find pressing the buttons at the bottom quite iffy on my iPad-1 and also touching the moving cells to turn them is unreliable for me. Is there any way that touch response can be improved in a future update? (BTW – The knobs respond just fine.)

  4. Hey Guys…
    I'll take a look at those issues too. On the iPad, the buttons can probably be made a little bigger. About the scale selection, I'm thinking about doing something similar to how Bloom does it, just buttons with predefined scales. And also a way to select the key of the scale. Do you guys have any thoughts?


  5. I agree.. Scales would be cool, as would importing user sounds, and performance recording!

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