Thanks to Pierre for posting this in the forum earlier. It looks like a real step forward for Android. At the moment it looks like there’s just a demo in the Android Marketplace with a full version on the way.

Here’s what it’s got:

  • A virtual analog sybsynth
  • 2 PCM synths
  • 2 BassLine synths
  • Sampling drum machine
  • Mixer desk with delay, reverb, and other effects
  • Song sequencer

Link to the Android Marketplace.

Thanks again Pierre! Clip to Evernote


  1. This looks really awesome. For some reasons it makes me think about Reason (pun intended), it guess its because it looks like a rack mount.

  2. Sure, the day after I buy SPC and RD3 HD, I see this. Wow! Very nice and runs great on my gTablet. Note input on the sequencer seems a little odd, though. I keep having to press the pencil icon to put notes down — seems like it should stay that way until I select another option. Might be something I'm doing wrong. My only other complaint is the graphics are a bit too cartoonish. Overall, this is one impressive app!

  3. Hi guys, dev here. Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

    @-42-: The issue I had with leaving the “pencil mode” always on was that
    you'd be locked into that mode and you couldn't drag-scroll around anymore. There's not a whole lot of room to show more than one octave so I'm always scrolling around. I guess it could be a toggle, I might try that for a while to see how it feels. Oh and forgive my programmer (cartoony) art. This is a one-man operation and part-time as well 😉

  4. In the Apps description they mention a minimum processor power requirement of ~800Mhz ArmXY. It runs without dropouts or other problems on the Moto Milestone though, at least the demo song… And my Milestone is far, faaar away from 800Mhz

  5. @dcp – I've seen it run on overclocked Milestones, but never stock, so I just set the min spec to what I had tested. The little horizontal VU meter bar under the “CAUSTIC” in the bottom left corner actually indicates CPU load. If it gets to red, it'll underrun and crackle. The demo song isn't too taxing, but with many insert effects and EQs enabled, it gets pretty rough on the processor.

  6. Rem congrats, no need to apologize for the art, the interface is a case study in usability. I loved the mixed groovebox pattern programming/piano roll sequencing. Still kicking the tires. Was expecting to wait at least another year before something like this….

  7. Apologies for the “cartoonish” graphics critique. What matters most in any music generation app is the sound and Caustic is absolutely awesome there! An added note: it runs pretty well on my stock Motorola Droid (533 MHz, I believe), but I didn't give it a fair test yet. It will not even show up in the Market on my heavily modded Coby MID 7015A, though — lack of multi-touch, perhaps?

    (Yes, I have too many tablets.)

    I do think a toggle for note entry would expedite workflow, but I now understand your reasoning. Makes sense.

    Again, kudos to the dev for a
    really amazing app. Any idea when the full version will be available? Price?

  8. The “bold lines” are probably what you're referring to, but I think this was mainly a functional consideration – graphics need to be readable on a wide variety of the screens.

    When it comes to pocket music making, functional is beautiful in my book, and the graphics are very readable and comfortable, even on my tiny phone.

  9. No offense taken, like I said, I'm a programmer. I'll defend my code, but never my art 🙂

    The bold lines are in fact to help on smaller displays, but alas it still looks like crap on devices with less than 800×480. I'm working on a way to reach out to these smaller devices.

    i'm hoping to have the paid version out in the coming weeks, but that depends on too many variables to make any promises.

    Thanks guys.

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