Some new stuff, fixes etc for VoiceJam:

  • Added In-App Purchase capability for buying pro quality vocal effects, the first available being VoiceTone C1: The infamous HardTune pitch correction effect as well as gender bending emulated from VoiceTone, TC-Helicon’s world renowned line of stompbox effects for singers.
  • The input audio waveform now turns yellow when you are close to singing too loud for your device to handle. When it turns red you’ve exceeded the volume limit and your recording will probably sound distorted. Unless you are intentionally going for distortion as a special effect, back off a little when you see the waveform turning red.
  • Added Shots Mode, allowing instant re-triggering akin to playing your loops like samples on a drum pad.
  • Added a live performance flyover for the new loop mixer and other controls.
  • Added a loop mixer for non-destructively tweaking the level of each loop.
  • Added a High Quality, uncompressed SoundCloud upload option.
  • Share An Idea Link: Your feature requests will go directly to TC-Helicon’s development team.
  • Added Mic Mute. Sometimes you want to jam on some pre-recorded loops without worrying about what’s coming in on the microphone.


  • Reduced likelihood of clipping the input signal.
  • Reverse no longer resets undo memory.
  • Removed controls from info screen and moved them into the new live performance fly-over.

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