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VoiceJam update

Some new stuff, fixes etc for VoiceJam:

  • Added In-App Purchase capability for buying pro quality vocal effects, the first available being VoiceTone C1: The infamous HardTune pitch correction effect as well as gender bending emulated from VoiceTone, TC-Helicon’s world renowned line of stompbox effects for singers.
  • The input audio waveform now turns yellow when you are close to singing too loud for your device to handle. When it turns red you’ve exceeded the volume limit and your recording will probably sound distorted. Unless you are intentionally going for distortion as a special effect, back off a little when you see the waveform turning red.
  • Added Shots Mode, allowing instant re-triggering akin to playing your loops like samples on a drum pad.
  • Added a live performance flyover for the new loop mixer and other controls.
  • Added a loop mixer for non-destructively tweaking the level of each loop.
  • Added a High Quality, uncompressed SoundCloud upload option.
  • Share An Idea Link: Your feature requests will go directly to TC-Helicon’s development team.
  • Added Mic Mute. Sometimes you want to jam on some pre-recorded loops without worrying about what’s coming in on the microphone.


  • Reduced likelihood of clipping the input signal.
  • Reverse no longer resets undo memory.
  • Removed controls from info screen and moved them into the new live performance fly-over.

VoiceJam - TC-Helicon

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Synthicity universal iOS app

A new app from the maker of Tondo (amongst other interesting apps). This app looks quite strange, which is good in my opinion, so I expect I’ll be giving it a go very soon! Here’s the description:

synthicity itself is simplicity itself.

simply start it up and put your fingers on it.
it will immediately start playing.
move your fingers around, the sounds will change pitch and timbre.

there is a simple menu accessed simply by touching the bottom bar.
with it you can change some characteristics of the synthetic voices.
you can clamp the frequencies to a small number of scales.
you can change the starting pitch and number of octaves.
you can change the attack rate.
you can change the decay rate.
you can change how fast the synthesizer follows your fingers.
you can add a little delay effect.
you can change the number of simultaneous voices.

were i to add more, it wouldn’t be simple any more, would it be?

synthicity itself is fully supported on the iPad in all orientations and on the iphone.

synthicity itself. it’s so synthle.

from the developer behind the complicated Tondo, Droneo, SrutiBox and the simple Minute, Enumero, Wind Chimes and Lake Piano.

The app is priced at $1.99.

Synthicity Itself - Henry Lowengard

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 live jam

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Binary Bleeps Sampler: Universal iOS app arrives

 A new sampler app that looks really good, is packed with features and only costs $0.99! Here’s the detail:

Binary Bleeps Sampler is an audio capture and performance instrument with motion controlled pitch, filter, delay, and lo-fi bit crusher effects.

  • Record from the microphone or paste audio from other apps.
  • Play your samples from velocity sensitive pads.
  • Control effects through the motion of your device.
  • Save samples and record performances.

Sampler’s pads are velocity sensitive and trigger samples with very low latency for expressiveness and great playability.

Recording is input sensitive to ensure firm sample start points without further editing. Sensitivity is adjustable to your input source.

The complete effects section is motion controllable. Effect parameters can be assigned to your device’s tilt axes. Sampler comes with a realtime pitch shifter, a resonant lowpass filter, a feedback delay and a lo-fi bit crusher, all of which can be active simultaneously.

Performances can be copied into other apps or transferred to your computer via iTunes file sharing. AudioCopy and AudioPaste are supported.

Sampler comes with quality presets, so you can start making sound instantly.

Binary Bleeps Sampler - Binary Bleeps

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O-Generator – Clocks – Coldplay

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Dietmar (dcp) Gear Shot

Nice gear set up pic from Dietmar (dcp):

This was my setup at White Noise Christmas last year, playing as “Abschnitt_55”. The only sound sources were my iPod touch, my Moto Milestone and the BOSS RC-2 playing back some simple noisedrones. The rest are some DOD/Digitech distortions, a modified Behringer Bass-Synth and a heavily modified Dano Fabecho.

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Audio Lab for iPad update

A few minor updates to this app:

  • add save/load user presets function, ie file input/output in user’s directory;
  • add a shortcut to clear up the panel;
  • other minor adjustments.

Audio Lab - Shaoduo Xie

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Michael Nervous playing live at this friday @ impala gallery chicago

Always good to hear about a mobile musician doing a live show. More details at Michael’s blog.

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MIDI Breakout Box Version 1.5 arrives

A few nice new features in MIDI Break Out Box:

  • Added a Preset function to save common setups and recall them quickly
  • Added a Keyboard Split function so that instruments can be applied to specific note ranges
  • * Added “all notes off” button to stop ‘stuck notes’ if transposing during play
  • * Added “info” button to access Online Help

MIDI BreakOut Box - Vinclaro

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From Processing to the Android Market

A useful tutorial for anyone considering taking their processing stuff over to the Android marketplace.

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