You may remember this video. Well the app has now been submitted to Apple, and so it shouldn’t be too long before it is on the app store! I can’t wait! Clip to Evernote


  1. This thing looks absolutely amazing. No sequencer, but I could create loops in iSequence and arrange them in Meteor. I could even use Meteor to edit samples and send them to iSequence. Time stretching is killer.

  2. Should mention, the UI looks ok, but could be slicker. iSequence is my app of choice on my iPad, and it has a really good looking UI. Hopefully 4pockets polishes the UI in future updates.

  3. I'm still wondering price but expect $39

    Swalker: I assume based on their other apps it won't be universal. Ipad only.

  4. If the free Windows version (really a Win Mobile version) is any indication, then importing a stereo audio file, creates 2 files a left and a right. Giving you only 6 stereo tracks. ugh.

  5. Looks good! I have a feeling I'll finally kick Multitrack DAW off my iPad once this is out. Effects handling looks good and I like the backup feature.

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