Fire, proof. from TimScotten on Vimeo.

If you were thinking about get the excellent NSP Break Out Box from New Signal Process then remember that they currently have a  promotion running:

“we are running a promo with distort and delay for the month of April. All breakout orders come with a distort and delay code.”

Distort+Delay - Signals and Stuff


  1. Makes no sense.

    What's a 'breakout order'?

    What's the code? Where do you get the code?

    There's no mention of a 'breakout order' or 'code' on the app store page or on their website.

    lol. ffs.

  2. distort and delay is a very good and useable app
    I use it way more than filtatron
    its more controlable
    i would recomment it

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