1 comment on “Interactive Music Album. Morphing Shadows – Collage”

Interactive Music Album. Morphing Shadows – Collage

You might remember that we gave away some promo codes for this app a while ago. I really like the idea of it, and it is fun to play with too. What’s more, you can tell that Alex (Sunvox developer) had a big hand in it.

IMA Collage - iMusicAlbum

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SmartDrums automation with GarageBand for iPad

GarageBand - Apple®

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TouchOSC 1.7 and much more

TouchOSC is an amazing app and in the latest version both CoreMIDI and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer support have been added, but if that’s not enough, then the developer’s site has also been updated to include a forum, complete documentation, and coming soon will be a library section for TouchOSC layouts and presets, open to all users!

More info at the developer’s blog.

TouchOSC - hexler

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1 comment on “Red Bull BPM HD Player update”

Red Bull BPM HD Player update

A big update for this iPad DJ app and also the lite version. Here’s what’s new:

  • New, manually-tuned ultra-musical 3 band EQ. Better cuts and special curves – not reproducible with pure analog circuits or digital math!
  • Smoother screen updates.
  • Drastically improved track loading time. Below 0.5 seconds usually for cached or manually uploaded tracks.
  • BPM value displayed and loaded tracks marked on tracks screen.
  • “Load next track and stop” setting.
  • Repeat mode, previous and next track selectors in Classic Club mode.
  • Reverse play indicators.
  • BPM is broadcasted via WiFi/Bluetooth every time, not just with 1 deck loaded. BPM precedence is calculated via crossfader/pgm fader positions. Good for back-to-back DJing.
  • High-quality interpolator. Closer to vinyl than most DVS (try extremely low tempo, like -99%).
  • Better channel fader curve.
  • Punch in/out channel faders and crossfader (can be switched off in settings).
  • Multitasking and background-audio support. You can use other audio applications on top of your mix, instruments, samplers…

The app is priced at $23.99

Red Bull BPM HD Player - Red Bull

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0 comments on “Pixelh8 gig for Japan tomorrow”

Pixelh8 gig for Japan tomorrow

Sorry for the late notice of this, but I’ve only just seen the post on his site. Full details at Pixelh8.

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4 comments on “Beat Twirl update”

Beat Twirl update

The update to Beat Twirl brings:

  • Double tap & drag beats to copy them.
  • Skip slices on playback.
  • Duplicate files.

    The app is priced at $9.99

    Beat Twirl - Tiv Studio

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    35 comments on “Ratatap Drums – the best drumming app for iPhone/Retina/iPad!”

    Ratatap Drums – the best drumming app for iPhone/Retina/iPad!

    I don’t normally put up straight drum playing apps, but this one seems to have a lot more to it.

    The app features new ways to play the drums, ten drum kits included, plus you can edit and create new drumsets. The app is force sensitive, so that the harder you tap a drum, the louder it sounds. You can do drum rolls of varying speed by dragging your finger around, and the sound blends smoothly and realistically so you don’t get a machine-gun effect. Cymbal hits blend smoothly together. The drums are animated, responding to user’s touches: cymbals swing, bass drums pulse, hihats bounce.

    In Ratatap Drums, you can create your own drums, drumkits, even record your own drum sounds. Pinch and pull to make drums bigger or smaller. Rotate them with multitouch gestures.

    Multitrack recording and sharing performances is included, too. We’ve even built a web player that can play the performances made on the iPad, so you can tweet a performance and share it.

    The app is priced at $1.99 and there’s a free version available too.

    Ratatap Drums - mode of expression, LLC

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    0 comments on “Vocaform for iPhone is currently free”

    Vocaform for iPhone is currently free

    VocaForm from developer Tim Bolstad (creator of Dingsaller) is currently free while he finishes version 2 of the app.

    VocaForm - Tim Bolstad

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    0 comments on “Sinusoid for iPhone: Promo Code Give Away CLOSED”

    Sinusoid for iPhone: Promo Code Give Away CLOSED

    The Sinusoid promo code give away has now closed. Codes will be picked at random from the correct entries as always and emailed out later this evening.

    I’ll post again when they’ve gone out.

    Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition and to the developer for giving the codes.

    Erik Sigth

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    0 comments on “A good long chat with Audanika”

    A good long chat with Audanika

    I’ve been meaning to post this for about a week now. I recently had a long chat with Sebastian from Audanika over all sorts of things, from iOS and Android to how the mobile music scene is developing, to what’s coming next for Audanika.

    A great discussion, and although I can’t tell you what they are, I can tell you that there are some really cool things coming from Audanika.

    Audanika GmbH

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