I bought an iKlip from IK Multimedia when they first came out. Nice product, sturdy and well built. I have no issues with it.

However, when I tried to put my iPad 2 into I realised that the iKlip is not designed for it. The iPad 2 rattles around in it, which is a real shame.

So if you were thinking of an iKlip for your iPad 2, think again, and if you’ve found a good holder for an iPad 2, please let me know what it is.

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  1. All accessories built for a specific model are subject to obsolescence. For example, the Akai SynthStations. All you need is for Apple to change the dock configuration and, boom, obsolete keyboard.

    Here's an iPad stand solution that's been around for a while. The design of the device accommodates the iPad 1 and 2. The placement is right on a boom stand as they mean for this to replace sheet music. For users who want to work simultaneously with a mic they sell a side-arm mic support. It's also designed to work with a VESA mount so you could place the iPad in a flexible arm on the wall or elsewhere. I don't have any experience with the device myself.

  2. Apple gets to decide the moment you need to get accessories. I wish they would be able to keep the same design for more than a year. Most of my ipod touch 2g accessories doesn't fit on the ipod touch 3g because its 2mm thinner.. I would prefer having it the same size and have all my accessories still working.

  3. A music stand will hold my iPad fine. And it will also hold the iPad 17 too.

    I consider that any iDevice-specific accessory will be obsolete and sitting in a box at the back of my closet probably even before the Apple-brand landfill does. Even supposed standards like the dock connector suffer from this.

    The dock connector in my car reports an error and reminds me every time I use it that it's not designed for my device and that it won't be able to charge it.

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