Horizon Synth for iPad: Details

Some more info on Horizon Synth coming up for the iPad:

  • 2 oscillators (each features true supersaw based on Roland JP 8000)
  • 5 filter types: LPF, HPF, PEQ, COMB, FORMANT 12,24db
  • 2 ADSRs
  • LFO
  • Effects unit
  • Morph groups controlled by mod wheel (similar to NordLead 3)
  • Programmable arpeggiator
  • Full MIDI in implementation, audio recorder + audio copy

http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js Clip to Evernote


  1. BeepStreet,

    The beta version is evolving. Currently, as you see on attached screens, it has two independent filter sections, that works independently (serial,parallel, bypass). What else? Modulation wheel works on mod groups, you can morph between two completely different states.


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