A new app from the maker of Chord Detector. Here’s the description:

Chord Tutor is intended to help musicians of any ability improve their chord playing in an interesting and fun way.

Chord Tutor uses chord detection technology developed for our Chord Detector App to let you know how accurately you played each chord. The App rates your accuracy and speed for each chord, giving you a 3 star rating.

Select “Chord Practice” from the Chord Tutor welcome screen and after a five second countdown you will be presented with a chord, you then have 10 seconds to play the chord on your instrument. The App listens to what you play and once the time is up will rate you on how quickly and accurately you played the chord.

Here are Chord Tutor’s main features:-

  • The app includes 24 Major and Minor chords divided into 3 difficulty levels.
  • Advanced chord detection algorithm.
  • Tutorial mode.
  • Chord diagrams in guitar format and standard musical notation format.
  • High score table to check your progress.
  • Tips for improving your score. 

The price is currently $0.99

Chord Tutor - Martian Storm Ltd.

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  1. 24 major and minor chords?
    It looks like this app just deals with the very basic chords that beginners pick up within the first few weeks of learning guitar.
    It would need to cover a lot more than that to be useful to anyone but a complete beginner.

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