iPad Creative on the Samson Meteor Mic

Good post from iPad Creative on the Samson Meteor Mic and connecting it to the iPad.

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  1. The Blue YETI has 4 different patterns, one of which is a stereo pick-up pattern, and I believe it works with Multitrack DAW. Sounds pretty great, too.

    You'll need a powered USB hub for it, though. I got one recently, and it is less of a drag than it seems, particularly because I use my iPad for recording vocals indoors, so to have my mic “plugged in” isn't such a big deal.

    OT, but a powered USB hub will also enable you to use the excellent ($99) Korg Microkey controller keyboard with all iPad MIDI apps. The action is amazingly awesome compared to my Akai MPK Mini, as is having a pitch and mod wheel. 🙂

  2. I guess this means my Blue Snowball could get dusted off cause this looks like thee connection works with any USB connected mike.

  3. A powered USB hub is not required to use a Blue Yeti with the iPad and camera connection kit. You do need to use a hub, which somehow buffers the power use or otherwise convinces the iPad to allow use of the mic without complaining that it requires too much power. but the hub need not be powered. The mic manufacturer's blog lists mobile USB hubs with which users have had good results (not all hubs work). I bought the cheapest from amazon, it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $7-12.

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