SunVox - Alexander Zolotov Clip to Evernote


  1. This app is under rated and I will start using it a lot more!
    I promise!

    I was scrolling through my MAC applications the other day, and what do I see? SunVox! I totally forgot I had it on my MBP! Crazy right?

    This is the next app For me to master. I'm RTFM right now.

  2. @marlene: the jpeg picture to the computer ist just a list of numbers – those numbers are interpreted as the numbers of an audiofile, so you get semirandom samples

  3. Not only for computer version. But not all jpeg files supported in the current version. This will be fixed in v 1.6.2, which will be available this month (or first part of may).

  4. It can be done on the iPad. I've gotten it to work well with some .jpgs but hopelessly with others.

    Are there any particular format settings that a .jpg must adhere to before it can be recognised?


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