I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but iBlofeld from iControlMIDI has dropped in price from $29.99 to $9.99.

iBlofeld - iControlMIDI

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  1. At the risk of incurring the wrath of the administrator of this website, I have to call it like it is, even though I generally like to support all developers efforts…

    These guys' practices with multiple overpriced app controllers for various hardware is despicable.

    Sorry, it's just how I feel and I would guess that I'm not alone.

  2. Guys! Don't look at this page, it might make you sick!!


    Just look at the prices for those MIDI controllers software! Most of them are in the 40-50$ range, some of them are over 100$ !!

    Good thing there are free ones too on that list, but still I feel you guys have been spoiled by cheap apps.

  3. To be fair, iOS users who might view an MKS-80 specific MIDI editor app for $69.99 as severely overpriced has little to do with anyone being spoiled by “cheap” apps.

    After all, this is just a “scene” on a simple MIDI controller interface, and to add an additional “scene” for another synth I may have will cost me an additional $30-$70 for another individual one-trick-pony app with a slightly different set of CC's…

    By the looks of it, even if it were $70 for a single app that contained all 10 or so CC scenes as synth presets, it would still be overpriced for the market, in my opinion.

    In fact, this developer's pricing makes the $50 Fairlight app so many here complained about look like an absolute bargain! 🙂

  4. @Robert

    Note that when I said “cheap”, I meant the pricing, not the capabilities of the apps themselves.

    The MKS-80 is worth over 1000$, people who spent this much for a single synth don't mind paying a small fraction of its price to acquire software that will unlock the full power of their hardware. The 70$ software is actually less than the taxes they had to pay on that 1000$+ piece of hardware.

    IOS users are a different market group, most IOS users sees everything above 20$ as overpriced and they rarely buy apps in this price range. They also are the loudest when their 10$ apps don't have the full set of features they are used to have with computer software.

    Most IOS users have never bought an app that was priced above 1$, and they also have never purchased software on other platforms other than IOS, the IOS apps price range is usually the first reason that got them interested in buying.

    This is the reasons why I say they are spoiled. Note that I'm talking about the majority of IOS users, not only IOS musicians, those are a special group :).

    “it would still be overpriced for the market, in my opinion.”

    Its your opinion, and you're not representative of the whole market, sorry. If you think that is overpriced, also have a look at Midi Quest, one of the best professional MIDI control software (you can create your own patches/workspace/scenes and works with every synths).

    price : 249$
    XL Version : 369$


    “this developer's pricing makes the $50 Fairlight app so many here complained about look like an absolute bargain!”

    Actually, at 50$ the Fairlight app costs less than most Fairlight samplebanks being sold! But I have yet to hear about people complaining about that 🙂

    So, what is the average price you are used to pay for software?

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