FunkBox on an iPad synced up with BassLine and MoDrum on iPod touches via WiFi, Electribe EMX-1 via USB/CCK, and Ableton Live via Wifi. Clip to Evernote


  1. I was playing with the 2.1 Funkbox update on saturday, trying to get WiFi CoreMIDI sync working. Using Funkbox as the master seems less stable vs MoDrum, but using Funkbox as the master might be the secret sauce. I had one Funkbox on the iPad2 triggering Funkbox on an iPhone3 and Bassline on an iPhone4.

    I honestly can't wait until the Korg apps or NanoStudio gets CoreMIDI over WiFi.

  2. You could play all of this on ableton alone. You don't need to sync your all your idevices to make a simple drumsynth, drumsampler and 303 clone.

    There is tons of better sounding plugins around.

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