What’s coming in NanoStudio

A few people commented asking what was coming in the next version of NanoStudio. Here’s what’s on the NS forum:

  • Configurable effects insert chains on each mixer input and the main mix output
  • Configurable send effects chains
  • Configurable instrument setup, with in app purchase to extend to up to 16 instruments
  • Configurable track set up, with multiple tracks per instrument
  • New effects include compressor, bitcrusher, 3 band parametric EQ, filter, and reverb
  • Retina display support
  • Offline effects processing for samples
  • Lots of small improvements eg.polyphony, quantize options, sequence editing + bugfixes

Here are some other possibles:

  • Sample loop point editing
  • Sample timestretch/pitch shift/autotune
  • Triplet LFO’s and delays
  • Extra TRG banks

Lots to look forward to then.
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34 thoughts on “What’s coming in NanoStudio”

  1. I like the “Lots of small improvements”. For the future i hope for more performance tools like arpeggiator, chord processor and realltime song construction stuff like recordable mutes.


  2. So much good stuff.

    As far as ipad development I have to say that Nanostudio has always had a edge in how it is designed to use the phone. For me at least it has always seemed just right. I hope he takes his time and uses the extra real estate of the ipad to making the experence with NanoStudion ipad something unique.


  3. @loopstationzebra

    You should change your name to lolstationzebra.


    I hope you have the same vehemence against Korg and every other IOS apps that doesn't have MIDI.

    And maybe you should stop using NS if you hate it so much? … lol… just wondering..



  4. @johnnyg0

    Oh, believe you me my rants against Korg know absolutely no bounds. The fact that they have to implement their own proprietary sync method and NOT use what's already available in CoreMIDI is nothing short of retarded.

    I'm not trolling. What I care about is advancing iOS music apps beyond something that's little better than a time killer whilst taking a dookie.

    Take the iMS-20 app from Korg. One of the best synths out there. Easily rivaling it's VST or (gasp) hardware counterparts. But, ffs, Korg crippled it right out of the gate by not offering ANY kind of MIDI, lol. Weeks and weeks later, they STILL haven't friggin' done shit to actually bring it up to the level of the Finger and Synthetic Bits apps. The thing STILL doesn't offer MIDI out. Kill me now.

    Again, my problem with Matt and his app is that he doesn't seem to see the value in either full MIDI implementation, or an iPad/Universal version. For friggin AGES on his forum, people have been asking for both and they are met with little more than dickheaded and obstinant replies along the lines of “I'M WAY TO BUSY. I'LL ADD THEM WHEN I'M READY!” lol. Well, it's been months….MONTHS….and nothing.

    Nothing except a new in-app purchase, of course. lol.


  5. I have to agree 100% with Loopstationzebra.
    Somehow I don't see NS for iPad coming soon if at all 😦
    What a shame…


  6. Well, if by 'soon' you mean after about 40 new features are added – none of which are critical – then yeah, I agree. lol.

    I mean, honestly. Every developer and their grandmother came out with an iPad/Universal version almost immediately. Not to add new features, necessarily. But to take advantage of the larger screen so that we wouldn't have to suffer through WRETCHED 2x. lol.

    NotBlip, though. Oh, God no.

    There has to be something else…something that makes more sense than better resolution..before we plebs get an iPad version.

    lol. A comedy, to be sure.


  7. I've ever really been able to figure out exactly what a 'troll' is apart from someone who has a difference of opinion to everyone else. But I thing the latter is healthy. I couldn't stand living in a world where everyone was either nice or agreed with one another- how dull would that be?!

    Been playing with Nanostudio on my iPad all evening, as well as Mixtikl. Now there's an odd app! Instant Mr Brian Eno!


  8. Loop, either make a better app or be patient and stop being an asshole. I'm assuming you're a grown man. Act accordingly.


  9. 2x mode including cydia workarounds is not the answer…
    The bottom line is, why is Matt so reluctant to release iPad dedicated or just plain universal version of NS..?


  10. @loopstationzebra

    Take a f'ing chill pill. Blip runs a one man show and on his forums LISTENING to his customers every day. He is about the furthest thing from a *ickhead I can imagine. He has emailed me personally and helped me with issues. So he hasn't implemented your requests. Grow a pair. They are not on the top of his list. When he finishes the iPad version — which he has repeatedly stated IS on his list, I hope you MAN UP and quit crying like a 13 year old that got a TG-16 instead of an NES.


  11. i was always under the impression that iOS was portable first and foremost. Midi just means carrying more crap around.

    And Nano is fine at 2x.


  12. “And Nano is fine at 2x.”

    Just becouse you are happy with lack of progress, doesn't meaan that everybody is πŸ˜‰


  13. I use ns every day and on the ipad it's the most life changing piece of gear I have ever had… I've banged out more creative ideas with this piece of software and an ipad than I've ever done with pro tools, logic, cubase, etc. Can't wait for the updates, but it as is, is more than enough to get anyone going.


  14. “I've banged out more creative ideas with this piece of software and an ipad than I've ever done with pro tools, logic, cubase, etc.”
    Wow, that is really sad… I strongly recommend selling your desktop…


  15. Well, I have Logic and Pro tools and I'll have to agree that as powerful as they are, they aren't terribly inspirational.

    NanoStudio, however, seems to trigger ideas better and it's being mobile means you can create when you're most creative, not just when in the home studio.

    Nano has it's ups and downs, but for the most part it is pretty good at start-to-finish song structure. It imports, exports, has a decent set of drums, some pretty traditional sounding synths, and a very well thought out sampler (that's my favorite part).

    It's not for everyone, of course, but I think Blip did a great job of making a decent DAW for iOS.



  16. iPhone and iTouch sales far outstrip iPad sales. Guys a businessman, not a charity. Makes sense that he sticks with the path that he's chosen. Every app has it's issues (have we all forgotten about Amidio and Intua already?), it's just that loopstationzebra is being a dick as he goes about expressing his opinion on it. Which is inflaming everyone in response since we've got a hard on for BI here.

    As for what a troll is, it's not someone with a differing opinion. It's about “trolling” for an enraged response…

    P.S. Mozart et al never bitched about a lack of midi. A bad tradesman and all that…


  17. I am one person who basically will not buy an App that is not been made with the iPad in mind. Personally, just raising the resolution of the graphics is a good start. Call me shallow hal, but the 2x button is not my friend.
    NanoStudio has such a good rep that I consider breaking my practice for it, but I'll wait.
    As for there not being that many iPads compared to iPhone/touch… yeah, well, but it is still a huge platform and apps are commanding higher prices on it.


  18. @ loopstationzebra

    hi loopstationzebra, aka dickface, a short read of the iPad 2 threads on the blipinteractive site seem to say that heaps of bg work is being done with the next update to make porting the iphone version over to the iPad easier. So in other words he is actually doing iPad work. Before you start accusing me of being an apologist fanboy, i too would love to see an iPad version soon, but unlike you i release that the dev owes me nothing. Good luck with your issues.

    All the best,



  19. Yeah, creating music on a device with small screen such as iPhone is bit like trying to paint hallway through the letterbox… πŸ˜‰


  20. It's perfectly simple. The reason I haven't yet done some of the things that people really want is because I've been working on some of the other things that other people really want.

    It's not possible to please all the people all the time, and not possible do everything at once.

    I said I'm doing 60 hour weeks not for sympathy, just to illustrate that I'm working hard on the app to give as many people as possible what they want.

    There's no conspiracy against the iPad, I want visibility in that marketplace as much as any other developer. I know adding retina support is a terrible crime but it's also a natural development step towards scaleable graphics for the iPad. I'll just go and flagellate myself in the street to make up for it.

    MIDI sync would be cool but I have less people asking for it than other features so it naturally comes lower down in the list. One of those who asks for it does it in such a way that it's likely to get even lower in the list.

    Of course the app can always be better but maybe in the meantime it might just be possible to make music with the tools available now, like musicians have been managing to do for the last millenium.

    Thanks to those who've expressed their support. Chill, have a good weekend!


  21. Thanks for that last comment from Blip. I really don't understand why some people get so aggressive over features in an application.

    I have no issues with people expressing their views, but I have serious issues with people just being unpleasant for no reason whatsoever.


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