BeatStudio first impressions

I’ve been messing about with this app for a few days now, and to start with I was a little skeptical. I’ve been a fan of Frontier Designs apps for a long term (that’s a long time in iOS terms), and when I got this one I thought that maybe they’d brought us something less than their usual standards. But I was wrong.

I really like drum and percussion apps, whether they follow a standard drum machine approach, or take a different approach altogether. BeatStudio takes a different angle which takes a little more getting used to, or at least it did for me.

When I started using the app it took a little while to get used to as I’ve said, but once I realised that this and got to grips with it, it makes a lot of sense. BeatStudio has a set of configurable pads where you tap out your rhythm and record it, from there you can layer up your beats until you’ve got your pattern just the way you want it.

The pattern sequencer works really well for copying lines and it is very handy for moving a beat that’s just slightly in the wrong place, or indeed to put it in the right place.

What the app needs is more sounds. The current supplied ones are ok, but more kits would be welcome.

I’d have to say that I can see this being an incredibly useful drum app as it doesn’t rely on you programming a beat but rather being able to tape it out. Also, as the app is universal it works great on both screen formats.

At an introductory price of less than a cup of coffee, and with Frontier’s track record of updating and improving their apps I don’t think you can really go wrong with this one.

BeatStudio - Frontier Design Group

The app is priced at $2.99 initially. Clip to Evernote


  1. A nice review . . . Thanks! I haven't spent much time with this app that initially I wasn't even going to buy . . . it's got some good things going for it but lacking in a broader library of sounds as you pointed out. With some more samples and time spent . . . I may get to like this.


  2. This app could be nice if…i could edit beats or do anithing else while play…if i could import sounds…and there are some more if's…for now – it looks and sound like a nice toy


  3. It's simple and solid with lots of potential.

    (anyone else find some buttons not so responsive

    plus I like the design, its kind of friendly…


  4. Thanks for the nice writeup.

    We're working on new sound packs for the next update (they'll be free) along with some tweaks and a few features (including a very cool, surprise feature). Based on feedback so far we've increased the top button area size to make it more responsive.

    Midi file out is now on the list for a future update, thanks.

    BTW, you can go into the track event editing screen, turn on Loop, hit play and edit to your hearts content while it is looping. It's a fun/easy way to build up a beat. We'll try to put together a demo video of this.

    We've put a “features” poll on our Facebook page, but will gladly take feedback anywhere we can find it (i.e. if you aren't into FB).

    User forum



    App Store


    BeatStudio developer


  5. @Jerry,

    thanks for the news, nice to hear about the sound packs! Well, I've already posted my own (short) wish list on the forum (thanks for your very quick answer BTW) and I am rather happy to see your first addition to BeatStudio! Surprise feature? any ETA for this first update?


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