A new MIDI interface for your iPad from Yamaha. It looks a great deal like the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer to me though, and as yet no details on whether it is iPhone/Touch compatible.

Whilst I think it is a good thing to have more interfaces available I can’t see what this offers over and above the Line6 device, and also there’s no news on pricing as yet.

Of course the one thing that is different is that apps can use this without having to adopt an SDK as is pointed out by iOS Musician.

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  1. Maybe this one actually works,
    I cant remember one session using midi mobilizer
    where at some point something didnt go wrong.
    extra notes sticky notes etc.

  2. Picture of the box here (second pic) confirms iPod/Touch support:


    As you mention the big plus is that developers only have to code for one SDK, CoreMIDI, and you get compatibility for free. I like the Line 6 SDK a lot, but coding for and especially maintaining two different SDKs (three if you support SynthStation), across multiple iOS versions, multiple device types, in one app is no fun. And you pretty much have to support CoreMIDI.

    I wonder if Yamaha plans to release some standalone music apps a la Korg to go along with it, or if they're just sticking with the hardware editors?

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