Towards the end of last week I managed to catch up with Matt from Blip Interactive for a drink and a bite to eat. As you can probably imagine the majority of our conversation was around what’s going on with the mobile market, apps, hardware etc.

But what you’ll be interested in was that he showed me the latest version of NanoStudio which is moving steadily towards a submission to Apple.

The new version looks great from the brief look I got, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out in the not too distant future.

Oh, yeah, and what’s more, that Matt, he’s a really nice guy too.

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  1. Any idea of pricing on the new version of Nanostudio? I love it, but if I paid $15 for the current version, I dunno if I'd fork out for an HD version.

    But I sure do love Nanostudio. Any word on CoreMIDI over Wifi in the new version?

  2. Blip has stated the the iPad version (coming after the next update Palm is referring to) will be Universal, and hence there will be no price for an existing owner of Nanostudio.

  3. Blip didn't disappoint before. I doubt that he will disappoint next.

    I'm amazed that this developer even has the time for a beer and something to eat!!

    Nanostudio still works really brilliantly on my iPad, even though I have to 'x2' it, and is still the 'de facto standard' for iOS when it comes to pocket DAW's.

    Really looking forward to this update Blip! 😎

  4. I think there is a lot of info on the development plans on the Forum at Blip Interactive.

    +1 on all the positive stuff on Nanostudio everything works well togeather and the sequencer is very fuctional which makes it a joy to use and compose on.

  5. meh.

    I know this is one of the few apps that actually have fanboys, but I've been less than impressed.

    First off, the guy is defensive as hell about any sort of criticism. He and the legions of fans always come back with “He works on this app day and night! Give him a break!” lol.

    To me it's inconceiveable that:

    a. There wouldn't have been an iPad version already. The excuse is that he wants to wait to incorporate more features or some nonsense. Newsflash: The 2x on the iPad SUCKS.

    b. He finally added MIDI, but no MIDI out and no MIDI sync. I don't get it. I just don't get it.

    When you point these out on his forum, it only takes about 4.5 seconds for people to respond and try and make it seem like those requests are unnecessary and unreasonable.

    MIDI + iPad version = unreasonable.

    Kill me now. lol.

  6. Here's a link to the forum post describing the update. Someone anonymously posted it here, and I got it in my email, but it didn't show up in the comments here…

    Lots of good stuff coming up! Like Robert said, this next update adds retina support, but the native iPad version is the next update after that.

    I use nanostudio to make drunken little loops to freestyle over. It blows my mind that there's so much functionality in a pocket DAW. I love the visual wave editing. I can bang out a quick little loop in about three minutes.

    Based on how great NS is, I'd buy any app these guys put out, no worries.

  7. @ Tom
    “…and is still the 'de facto standard' for iOS when it comes to pocket DAWs.”

    I agree %100.

  8. Never said that Nanostudio sucks. Merely pointed out what I see are glaring deficiencies in the app. lol. oh my.

    In fact, right before and just after the iPad was released there were actually people on the Blip forum who were even questioning the need for an iPad version.

    I'm curious…what features have been added since release that everyone feels should have trumped a native iPad version or MIDI implementation?

    Again, I don't understand at all, the second the SDK info was available for the iPad, why he wouldn't have jumped on at least making a universal version.

    ffs. lol.

  9. Personally, I'm also looking forward to LoopStationZebraHD. It sounds like his app will have Midi and iPad support, and frequent free updates, and only cost 0.99c etc… : ) …I kid. I kid.

    Anyone have any other apps that can compete with Nanostudio? I just got my iPad2 last Friday, and I've bought about $70 worth of “HD” software.

    I think the WiFi MIDI stuff is exciting, and just getting started. I don't have any “real” midi stuff, but I've got three iPhones and an iPad. I'd love to get them talking and doing different things.

  10. meh.

    It might be on a lot of iDevices but, as is the case with mine, it gathers dust, lol.

    I never use it. Mostly because the 2x on the iPad version is COMPLETE ASS, and mainly because there's no proper MIDI i/o/sync for me to work hand in hand with my main DAW.

    Basically, NanoStudio is still just a toy to fiddle around with whilst taking a dump.

    Any serious dev would have added full MIDI support by now. What the fuck is he waiting for? lol. And how can there be a priority to get retina support but not iPad support?

    So many questions, so many other apps to use. lol.

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