I didn’t expect to see one of this come up on eBay so soon. It is for US bids only I’m afraid, and will probably go for a very high price.

OP-1 on eBay

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  1. IIRC, they were sold out before NAMM ended. He'll likely come close to doubling what he paid minus the shipping.


  2. A quote from the seller on electro-music.com;

    “Bought it to try it out, didn't like the sequencers it offered i.e. it didn't fit my way of working and I didn't want to rework how I work, so I decided to sell it.”

    Some people! :roll eyes:

  3. Not sure where the idea that “only 500 will be made” came from. They're currently sold out because they're a brand new company that hasn't worked out their supply chain – it's not some limited one-off vanity thing. I understand the high price for someone who wants one NOW, but it's not like they're gone for good.

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