Talking to Matt from Blip Interactive

Towards the end of last week I managed to catch up with Matt from Blip Interactive for a drink and a bite to eat. As you can probably imagine the majority of our conversation was around what’s going on with the mobile market, apps, hardware etc.

But what you’ll be interested in was that he showed me the latest version of NanoStudio which is moving steadily towards a submission to Apple.

The new version looks great from the brief look I got, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out in the not too distant future.

Oh, yeah, and what’s more, that Matt, he’s a really nice guy too.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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Yamaha Announces i-MX1 – MIDI interface for Apple iPad

A new MIDI interface for your iPad from Yamaha. It looks a great deal like the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer to me though, and as yet no details on whether it is iPhone/Touch compatible.

Whilst I think it is a good thing to have more interfaces available I can’t see what this offers over and above the Line6 device, and also there’s no news on pricing as yet.

Of course the one thing that is different is that apps can use this without having to adopt an SDK as is pointed out by iOS Musician.

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OP-1 on eBay

I didn’t expect to see one of this come up on eBay so soon. It is for US bids only I’m afraid, and will probably go for a very high price.

OP-1 on eBay

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Oscillator Bank for iOS

A new and interesting noise maker app today.

Soundscape & Rhythm Generator. This App features a 10 channel mixer with 10 individuals digital sine waves. Each Oscillator Channel has independent controls for frequency, binaural offset and panning.
Each of these channels also have a volume automation setting related to a LFO which speed can also be adjusted.

Thumbpads Mode Mute tracks on the fly.

Oscillator Bank - Andre Goncalves
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Toggle price drop

This app has dropped down to $0.99. Here’s what it is:

Toggle is a sequencer and synthesizer for your iPhone and iPad. Tap the toggles in the sequencer and turn it on to hear your sound played. Switch to the sound control panel to change your sound using various control knobs. The sequencer is updated in real time.

Toggle - Sound Animals
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Beat707 Arduino Connection

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BitDisco price drop

BitDisco has dropped in price and is currently down to $0.99.

BitDisco - specialmoves
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