eyeFi for iOS

Interesting idea for an app. We’ve seen a few apps that take an image and turn it into sounds, but this one looks a little different. Here’s the description:

You’ve heard of visualizers that turn music into screen magic. Now get ready for the other way around.

Eyetunes is a way of hearing your world with your iPhone camera. By ‘feeling’ out the world with the lens, you generate different soundscapes.

This is a revolution in music generation. By choosing what you point at — modern paintings, dancing friends, moving cars, simple sidewalks, swaying trees — you will generate rich combinations and opulent textures of musical sound.

Developed by two neuroscientists, this app is based on sensory substitution technology that was originally developed for blind people to be able to ‘see’ their world by auditory feedback. We decided to develop this technology into a musical entertainment version, allowing the auditory feedback to be more mysterious, melodious, beat-filled and beautiful. With this app, you substitute one sense for another.

Eyetunes features several soundscapes for you to mold with your camera, from hip hop to electronica to rock.

-Hints for use

Walk around and point the camera at various scenes. Shake it around. Point it at yourself in the mirror. See what people in the coffee shop sound like. Listen to what a wagging dog sounds like. Point it at distant traffic. Get all your friends to dance in front of the camera.
There’s no right answer. You generate your music by listening to your vision. 

eyeFi - Sesquinfinity
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