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  1. Interesting product. Shame about the name.

    And “Project Explorer”? You can tell they come from a Windows background.

    Am I impressed about Meteor? Well yes, I suppose so. I just feel a little let down that it isn't really much more than simply a fairly good DAW. I love all the instruments and stuff (smart instruments) built into GB, but I wish that GB wouldn't keep on saving where I left off, or the inability to choose and set different chords and settings in the instruments. But in some way this is at least a step in the right direction as far as GB (and other iPad DAW's) are concerned.

    I would have so much liked to have been able to see that kind of realtime interactive instrumentation built into Meteor at least.

    One to watch I think. 🙂

  2. Looks pretty awesome! And it's fairly ironic that the sound is terribly mixed 😛 sometimes I can barely make out what the voiceover is saying.

  3. The market for ipad DWS is getting crowded. This look pretty good though. Not sure if i actually “need” it though.

    AS Tom said, “One to watch”

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