Is the Dark Matter Audio DMA-1 the iPad I Secretly Always Wanted? Asks MiniJack. Clip to Evernote


  1. Just look at all the plugs connected to that thing! It looks great, no need for separate boxes, but I wonder if it has sequencers and synths/samplers or if it can only be used for effects. Oh,.. and the price of course πŸ™‚

  2. Dedicated software, USB ports, 1/4 jacks ports, 8 outputs, 40-bit processing, open system,.. no it was not sarcasm at all, this thing looks great.

    Still no idea of pricing thought..

  3. It looks great maybe not by design but because you can see the possibilities
    if you got anything you can probably plug it in there

    but i'd wait for the touchscreen version,
    that mouse ruins the whole idea

  4. @kovsky

    They used a touchscreen in the first video. Maybe he uses a mouse here because of the awkward angle?

  5. If I was a guitarist, this would be a no brainer to buy. If the price is right ofcourse.
    IPad is cool, but this seems more PRO Quality.

  6. Hi guys. It has a touchscreen but you can plug in a mouse if you want to. We will be supplying an assignable USB pedal with it too. In terms of software it will ship with a sequencer, synth, drum machine, bass, vocal and guitar apps. The price in the UK will be Β£499.99 inc VAT. It will be coming out in Q4 this year. Hope that answers some of your questions. Best, Andrew DMA πŸ™‚

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