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  1. Never got one update on their app which was around 10 dollars, and it could have used one.
    already deleted it, way out there

  2. @Kovsky

    This app has only released last month and you complain there was no update yet? I guess you didn't liked how it sounds? I haven`t tried synthX yet but I really like their ARP emulation.

  3. Sorry you're right,
    I was not very clear I can see now,

    I meant their previous ( sample) app,
    last update for that was 2009,
    and it really lacked some basic things,
    but had a lot of potential

    My comment is not on this new app.

  4. @kovsky

    You'll be happy to know that the dev said he has plans to update iSample next and he will also be making it Universal. 🙂

  5. @Kovsky

    I understand your grief, but I wouldn't hold grudge against Way Out Ware for that because everyone does it, I have stopped counting the number of apps that stopped working on my devices because they were not updated.

    I usually delete them from iTunes and move the .IPA files to my “App Cemetary” folder 🙂

  6. Yeah still have to adapt to the world of the app…
    a it isnt about the money but more about wasted potential.
    there should be an app adoption plan

    But this one has good news I see 🙂

  7. As I mentioned at Messe to several people, the advent of CoreMIDI and Audio Copy and Paste, not to mention Multi-Tasking have really added a lot to the iOS platforms potential as a music performance and creation environment. I am currently working on an update to iSample that will include support for these features. Also, I am working on a couple of new apps that will do other interesting things on the iPad.

    I believe this is just the beginning of a new way to perform and create music.


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