Brainwave Sequencer for iPad

A new sampler / sequencer MIDI app arrives:

Brainwave is a clip based MIDI sequencer. Bring your melodies and drum beats into life with the streamlined and intuitive MIDI clip editor. Assemble and arrange entire songs with the Arrangement editor. Control up to 16 instruments using the built-in sampler. Use the built-in audio samples to quickly get up and running, or use your own samples for even more creative sounds. Then produce and export MIDI files to be imported to your favourite Digital Audio Workstation software. All this inside of an ergonomic and minimalist user interface that will help get your inspiration to fruition.

Drive up to 16 instruments

  • built-in sampler with 16 voices 
  • volume envelope * loop points and loop modes (once, loop, ping pong) 
  • transpose offset to tune samples 
  • built-in samples or user samples, through iTunes sharing 
  • drum pad mode allowing for 16 individual samples to be mapped to drum pads 
  • mixer interface to solo/mute and adjust track volume MIDI Clip Editor 
  • 16 ticks per beat * up to 256 clips per song * sequence melodies and beats in the clip editor 
  • sequence all instruments in the same clip * fine control over note length and velocity per note or for a selection of notes 
  • copy a note sequence from one instrument to another 
  • make a copy of a MIDI clip to create new variations * unlimited length 
  • looping mode to easily iterate on a clip Song Arrangement 
  • quick start with built-in templates 
  • sequence and layer MIDI clips 
  • reorder clips to organize the visual layout Interoperability 
  • export as multi-track MIDI file to your favourite DAW 
  • manage songs and samples via iTunes sharing

The app is priced at $19.99

Brainwave Sequencer - Alexandre Jean Claude to Evernote


  1. @Beat

    Do you really buy every apps that have a video and a website? your device must be packed 🙂

  2. @Johnny

    I'd rather be able to see something work before I shelled out $$. I've only me one developer who was happy to pay me back for an app I was dissatisfied with (fortunately his app was brilliant- “minimal folio”, so it's staying in my Pad!)

  3. @Tom

    Same for me, I won't buy anything before I can hear it and try it. I was just kidding with Beat 🙂

    @Loopstation Zebra

    Now with more MIDI (actual product doesn't have MIDI)


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