As an original Micro BR owner I really like the look of this device. The full details are at the Roland site and it looks like a capable little device, and like it hasn’t got much bigger than the original.

I couldn’t find anything on price though.

You may be wondering why I’d need a hardware 8 track? Well, there’s no real answer, just because! Clip to Evernote


  1. How are the converters on this? Better than the ipod/ipad I hope. What I really want to see is a pocket multitrack that doubles as a full fledged audio interface w asio drivers and all…

  2. As an owner of the original Micro-BR: Fool me once….

    I could do a rant on it's many shortcomings, but there is no point

  3. Gotta agree there. Negotiating the menu on that thing was like a Tabasco enema.

    That's why I did the Tascam. The menu / jogwheel arrangement is dhope, and the array of pots is delightful.

  4. I've got the original Micro-BR, which I've really enjoyed for what it is – a sketchpad for ideas and songwriting (started with the BR-532 ten years ago, so I've gotten used to using the Boss portable multitracks). This one doesn't really look like a step up from the Micro-BR, other than offering 8 tracks and audio interface. And the COSM amp and effect simulations have always been terrible, so I don't expect them to get any better. In my opinion the iPad has overtaken this as a sketchpad for ideas – has plenty of simple multitrack recorders, and also the amp and effect sims in both Garageband and Amplitube are much better than in the digital Boss products.

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