Johan has his Pandora, but …

I read Johan’s review of the Pandora, but I was hoping for something more positive but Johan is not impressed. That’s a shame. Clip to Evernote


  1. That's too bad. I'll bet it's really hard to put pressure on hardware manufacturers to get things right when your production run is so small.

    Also with tablets going mainstream more-portable-than-a-netbook computing devices, the market for this stuff is going to get squeezed even further.

    I wish the pandora guys the best – it's a noble endeavor, but it's going to be tough.


  2. i was at first not impressed by pandora due to build quality issues but i must say now that i love it!

    johan should really get looking through forums and help test out software for people porting and such

    musicwise it is a bit scant – though there is a midi sequencer available that works quite well – seq24

    but what i am hoping for is a nice fully working version of debian – there is already one hacked up image available which runs quite well. once that is sorted out properly then the whole debian rep is at your fingertips!



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