Everyday looper has 50% off for a limited time to celebrate this excellent video, which is well worth celebrating.

The price is down to $2.99 from $5.99

Everyday Looper - Mancing Dolecules

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm not really sure how I'll use this yet, but for $3 what a powerful tool! My first thought: I could use this to record keyboard improvs. But what if the first part is no good? Too bad there's no trim… Wait! With ACP, I can copy it into Multitrack DAW, trim it there, and then paste it back into Everyday Looper. Then something tells me I am missing the point of a dedicated looping app. That's ok. For $3 I can play.

  2. Brilliant video, this is how the dev guys should be promoting their apps, not only through demonstration but with a touch of humour. Maybe the OP-1 dev team should take note….it might make their product a bit more interesting with some creativeness around the presentation.

  3. I'm considering buying it, the video and the price make it quite attractive, but can't yet figure out where to put it in my workflow (Thumbjam, various synths, Multitrack DAW, Drumtrack 8, Ampkit…). Can anyone share some idea about that?

    BTW I was thinking about posting a comment on the Guitar Pro post to say thank you to Palmsounds for the money saved thanks to the special offers (and freebies related) posts… but I realize now that this blog probably made me spend a lot actually because of these same posts. Well… thank you Palmsounds anyway, you made me a poorer happy camper!

  4. Hope they still update Drumtrack 8,

    because its a great app but crashes often under 4.3
    so actually not a problem of the app itself I think….

    or is there another reason for the crashes ?

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