Just checked the order status on my iPad 2 and it says delivery by 25th of April. Anyone else got the same?

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  1. My delivery date is April 27th and my workmate who ordered after me for April 26th. It's an estimate so it's getting closer maybe 🙂 roll on month end and I can finally try out Synth X (already purchased)

  2. I ordered in US first day when I ordered it gave me a 3 day delivery.

    I finally got it on March 27.

    It was worth the wait. No light leak issues (some early ones had that).

    The NY 5th ave Apple store is out front of my office but there have been lines all month. Glad I waited. But was suprized as the date was pushed back over the month.

  3. I too ordered mine on Launch date USA.

    Although I did it at 7pm that day and got the 3-4 weeks notice.

    Estimated shipping was April 1st with an April 6th arrival.

    They shipped it early though March 30th) and I've been tracking it from China to Alaska (currently) ..it's supposed to be here April 4th.

    I have been seriously experiencing Ipad withdrawl symptoms (touching screens that are not touch sensitive …even people) and of course a time sensitive music project is on my desk right now and it really would have come in handy.

    That said .. I'm pretty excited!!!

  4. [Part 2 of 2.]

    5. Before tonight (Thursday), I'd quite often get to the Confirm screen and then get a maddening message that no pickup times were available and to try again later, with a Continue button that did nothing. This didn't happen at all tonight, which may or may not mean that something has been fixed – but on the other hand the earlier screens were much harder to get through. What you should get at the end of it all is a popup from which to select a half-hour slot. If you reach that point, you're just a click away from success. I got to that point for the first time this evening, and then it froze on me anyway. But the second time I got through the final click as well, and got the confirmation that an e-mail would be sent. The e-mail arrived immediately, so if you don't get one it probably means the reserve didn't go through. (There were many more abortive attempts in between the two that got me to the final screen. The whole thing took about half an hour, by which time on any other night all the models were long gone, so it looks as though the predicted larger weekend stock was arriving. Friday may be a good night to try, or maybe Thursday next week.)

    6. Of the London stores, Covent Garden and Regent St seem to be the only ones worth trying; I never found any models available for reserve at either Brent Cross or White City. There doesn't seem any mileage in flipping between the two stores, unless the model you want has gone from one but is still available in the other; they all seem to be routed through the same overloaded server. Some nights one runs out before the other, but there doesn't seem a pattern. (Covent Garden is quicker to select in the alphabetic popup, though…)

    7. The whole process is hair-tearingly frustrating, particularly when you're nearly there and it seizes up so you have to start over from scratch. When it finally succeeds, you can't quite believe it. I had to go and play the guitar for several minutes.

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