GarageBand for iPad

Via iPad Creative.

GarageBand - AppleĀ® Clip to Evernote


  1. Indeed…Amateur hour. Which, really is the target demographic.

    I had high hopes, but the tones are so uninspiring that I gave up.
    Along with the inability to import files. Grrrrrr.

    Where is the App for actual musicians?

  2. I kinda disagree with the other comments. I had a play with gb at a music retailer yesterday and found it to be really uninspiring and just “meh”. I think this video is a fair representation of the experience I had.


  3. I have to agree. Sometimes people here are critical just to be trolls, but this music has very basic problems with timing and staying on the beat (and not in a creative way).

    What makes it kind of silly is the production values on the video are relatively high, which probably makes the music sound that much worse.

  4. @anon above: that video is much better. The powerballad thing isn't my cup of tea, but the musicianship is orders of magnitude better. I can see what people are saying about being restricted by the sonic palette though. I guess if that bugs you, then just stick with nanostudibeatmaker or nanoloop or jasuto …

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