Fairlight - Fairlight Instruments Pty Ltd

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  1. I made about 6 tracks on this app already. You really get a different sound with the music you make on it.

    It runs decent on the iPad 1 but way better on the iPad 2.

    I like the sequencer and the sounds. Time division and the whole shebang. 1/8 1/16 1/32 etc.

  2. “All sounds rerecorded in 16-bit, so much better sounding”? But I LOVED 8-bit!! That was one of the charms of this older technology (Listen to “You gotta say yes to another excess” by Yello. This LP was entirely done on an early Fairlight- and it sounded great! Really gritty and nice! 8) ).

    Oh nevermind……

  3. Footage of a hardware is nice, but $50.00 to get a working software app of the Fairlight?

    You are joshing me right……

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