WWDC Sells out

Having posted about WWDC earlier it seems that it has sold out already. At least unless you want to buy tickets off eBay.

If any devs are going I would, as ever, be interested in any coverage although I appreciate it is a long way off.

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  1. Anyone noticed how IOS is presented before OSX on the WWDC2011 banner? Is that a sign that IOS is now the main priority for Apple and OSX is slowly being put aside?

  2. Makes sense to cater for the platform that has the larger customer base. Especially if they can charge $10 for an update…


  3. In terms of coverage, traditionally all content at WWDC is under NDA with the exception of the keynote.

    But there will probably be lots of leaks (both official and by overzealous bloggers) given the amount of hype about this stuff these days.

    Last year Apple quickly released the videos of the sessions at WWDC to all registered developers without additional fees. Given how quickly the even sold out, they may do that again this year.

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