So lots of sites have been reporting on the WWDC announcement “At this year’s conference we are going to unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS,”. A big claim really.

Some sites are saying that there will be no new hardware, which might come as a relief to some of us. Although others say that the iPhone 5 might be revealed in the keynote.

Either way, the fact that Apple are linking iOS and Mac OS gets me more interested. Clip to Evernote


  1. That's not the point.

    have you seen this?

    and this?

    It's costs £60 to become an Apple developer. Touts are paying £60 then buying these tickets and putting them up on eBay to make big profit (so only large corporations can afford them- where is the innovation in that?). Yesterday I received an invitation from Apple to come to WWDC 2001, but Apple had already sold out of tickets! It's sick and Apple should do something about this ASAP. And calling it 'WW' is a joke, because it's not World Wide, its in California!!! 🙁

  2. 2011 (not 2001- before some wise guy tells me otherwise! 😉 ). I blame this crap PC keyboard I bought instead of a proper Apple one!

  3. I'd love to see some more features from osx make there way onto ios, one thing that I think would work really well would be spaces. Imagine having a few audio apps open that had background audio enabled, or could link together like baseline and modrum in perfect sync and using a gesture to activate spaces to flick between them on the fly.

    Also screen recording from 10.6 would be useful for people who like to do tutorials on youtube, but also enable a system wide audio capture, so you record whatever audio apps you had playing in wav or aac format. Also we have folders for our apps, why not for the photo library and also sample banks, completed tracks etc, using art apps is far easier at the mo then using audio apps, even tho you can't arrange the photo library into folders on device.

    It could be simple to implement like with apps, hold down on an image, they wobble drag to another name your folder, then tap on other images, get the green tick, tap on the folder they all move at once, would be cool if this happened with apps and audio files too. Or just use itunes, as the lack of a file system is a mare, I use iPhone explorer to bounce audio around apps without c&p, but need to have my ipad tethered to my desktop, which is a little counter intuitive. I'm excited to see where apple is going with both ios and osx as they know their sheet ui wise, but to get a lot of the functionality I've mentioned you have to jailbreak and spend extra dough:(

  4. @Anonymous
    “I'd love to see some more features from osx make there way onto ios”

    I'd love to see more software from OSX making its way onto IOS, like Logic, Photoshop… I mean the real stuff, not the simplified/dumbed down apps we are getting now.

  5. While it seems pretty clear there won't be a new major iOS release in June/July, I wouldn't be so sure there will be no new hardware.

    Apple has shown with the release of the VZN iPhone and the iPad 2 that they can now do hardware releases with only a dot release and without forking the OS (as they did with the iPad 1 release). (Ok. Maybe they forked for the VZN iPhone, but it's likely minor.)

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