Nice comment on yesterday’s post on Mixtikl:

kid versus chemical said…

Nice. Those guys really work hard on updates. I’ve been using Mixtikl a lot lately with audio copy and the korg apps, it’s a really nice environment to jam out loops like a mini Ableton, you can change the tempo and keep everything in sync and then throw generative stuff over it.

Mixtikl 12 Track Mixer of Generative Music, Audio MIDI Loops & Live FX - Intermorphic Ltd. Clip to Evernote


  1. Whilst I'm not sure this deserved a post, I have to agree wholeheartedly. They have provided fantastic updates, work FAST to fix bugs and helped me out a metric f*ckton when I first got it (had never used generative music apps before, a lot of my problems were “user error”). It's my most used app, I really like making a quick scene and connecting my idevice to a dock and let it play in the background whilst I surf the net, cook, clean etc. Shame that no-one really tweets mixes anymore (or the app no longer finds em, not that that would garner minus points or anything)…


  2. I agree with the praise. They took a lot of rough criticism initially (and to be fair early versions needed work).

    I hope they're being rewarded for their work in the form of more sales.

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