I read every comment on the blog and I’m trying to pick out comments that will be useful for everyone to read, like this comment on a post on SoundPrism Pro:

Ok since I got the regular SoundPro for next to nothing, I decided to buy the Pro Version.

I hooked it up to my Roland Fantom XR Rack and all I can say is WoW.

This app rejuvenated the sounds of the Fantom. I’m not a keyboard player, and the way this app already plays the chords for you, you get a whole new sound from the Sound Module you use.

My only gripe is that it doesn’t have Midi IN.

If you are planing to use this app with external MIDI gear, Get it!

Thanks to Beat for the comment.

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  1. Funny thing I was reading the comments in the App Store for SoundPrism and a reviewer with almost the same set-up as mine is raving about it too. lol

    I think his set-up is a MPC1000 with JJOSXL and a Fantom Keyboard.

    I use a MPC2500 with JJOSXL and Fantom Rack.

  2. I also want to say The Help Files and Video Tutorials are real good for this. Its real dope how you can trigger 3 midi Channels with different instruments at the same time.

  3. The new tutorial video here;

    Shows Soundprism playing 3 different sounds at the same time via MIDI.

    Looks like I'll be upgrading for use with my Blofeld desktop soon!

  4. but how is that different from any midicontroller playing
    different sounds on midichannels when a device is multitimbal?

  5. I think I get it now after reading a bit,
    you mean you can play different sound with every finger?
    Like a finger controls a sound?
    that would be very nice to have

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