Chord Detector price drop

You might remember I  wrote about this app before and said

I’ve been using it now for a project of my own where I wanted to work out the chords to some of my old songs from ages ago. I’ve been running them through Chord Detector and the results are excellent. I’ve been really impressed with it.

Well now the price has dropped to $2.99 from $3.99

Chord Detector - Martian Storm Ltd.

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Sound Pixels price drop

Sound Pixels price is down to $0.99 from $1.99

Sound Pixels - Egozoo

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MoDrum codes gone out now

All the codes have gone out. Sorry if you didn’t get one, there was a huge response to this comp though.

I’m sure we’ll have another promo code give away soon.

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MIDIvision price drop

MIDIvision is a real-time MIDI capture, filter and analysis tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch using the Midi Mobilizer MIDI interface from Line6.

The price has dropped from $3.99 to $0.99

MidiVision - Audeonic Apps

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Audioprom price down to $0.99

You might remember this app relating to ‘sausages’? No, well, here’s a brief description:

Audioprom is an audio sequencer and live performance application for the iPad.

Audioprom was originally called Sausage Sequencer. The idea was to build a sound sequencer that uses slices of sausages placed on the iPad as physical markers to make sounds. After our first prototype we realized that sausages, or any other food item, is sensed reliably only when touching your hand. As soon as you let go of the sausage, the iPad thinks it’s gone too. Our dream of chopping and placing food on the screen to make sounds ended there, but we were left with a decent audio sequencer. So we kept at it, trying to make an intuitive and simple interface that takes advantage of the multitouch screen. Sausage Sequencer turned into Audioprom, a sequencer for fingers on the iPad.

Watch some demo videos at http://audioprom.cwandt.com


  • Super intuitive interface: A single view with all controls visible and immediately accessible
  • Soundboard: Play live samples by tapping the soundboard
  • Analog Marker Positioning: Lay down marker samples with infinite resolution (place samples as close together as you want)
  • Quantize: Snap to the rhythm at different resolutions by quantizing from 1/4 to 1/32 of a measure
  • Individual Pitch and Volume Control: Manipulate each marker’s pitch and volume
  • Tempo Control: Tap the tempo or use a slider to tweak the BPM
  • Sessions: Save your loops into 25 separate sessions or banks to revisit later
  • Copy: Copy measures and individual markers
  • Scrub: Scrub the playhead to skip measures or rewind
  • Layers: Overlay 4 layers of instruments with individual volume control
  • Record Mode: Tap the soundboard to lay down samples to a beat or the metronome
  • Over 800 Samples Included: Includes high quality samples from OLPC

The price has dropped to $0.99 from $9.99.

Audioprom - CW&T

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Korg iPad Apps Version 1.5 Teaser Video

This is really a promo video, but it does make me want to get a nano control though!.


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SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

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