Mini Composer for iOS

A new and free app for iOS:

Karl Bartos (electronic musician, ex-KW, co-composer of songs like The Robots, The Model, Computer World,…) and Masayuki Akamatsu (media artist and author of various iPhone apps such as Banner, Oscillator, Echochops,…) create a 16 step music sequencer which is free, simple and fun. The executive producer is Jean-Marc Lederman.

“We have created this simple music app for fun: it implements the basic waves of a synthesizer with a 16 step sequencer.
This app is totally free of charge but we would be very glad if, as a relief to people’s suffering following the earthquake and tsunami, you would consider a donation to lend a helping hand to Japan. Please make use of the link button to the Red Cross site.”

This application has the functions listed below.

  • 16 steps sequencer
  • Start/stop sequence
  • Multi-touch note input
  • 4 waves (saw, triangular, square, sine)
  • 4 drumbeat loops
  • Drums on/off
  • Random notes
  • Clear notes
  • Additional information

Please enjoy our music and think Japan.

MINI-COMPOSER - Masayuki Akamatsu Clip to Evernote

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